3 Reasons Modern Apartments Need Wellness Amenities In 2020

Heading into 2020, every apartment should be equipped with at least one wellness amenity.  Wellness amenities include: gyms, yoga studios, pools, etc. Providing fitness amenities will no longer be a perk but a necessity within the luxury real estate market. Here are the top 3 reasons why having fitness-related amenities are a must for your urban apartment home.


Customized Lifestyle Experience

What sets your property apart from the masses will be the lifestyle your property symbolizes.  A truly customized lifestyle can be felt within your walls and its amenities. One of the easiest ways to provide residents with this one-of-a-kind lifestyle is by hosting wellness events. If your building truly has space or amenities, use them!  Watch any space come to life with a heart-beating activity followed by refreshments and mingling.


Build Convenience

The biggest advantage your building has from offering fitness amenities is providing convenience for renters.  By providing a gym, pool, etc you become the gatekeeper to health and convenience for your residents. This bridge to health saves your residents time and money; all while improving their health!  Heading into this next decade, convenience is going to be the number one selling point within any industry. By providing them with almost an oasis of luxury modern living, why would they ever need a reason to leave?


Getting Your Money's Worth

The third advantage of wellness amenities is the return on your investment.  No building should think twice about remodeling or including a new building with at least a small gym or yoga studio. Millennials are the most health-conscious demographic in the world, followed by generation Z.  Catering to this demographic will keep your building young and up to date with trends. It also encourages more residents, therefore increasing retention, and providing a 10-fold return on investment.

The Mayor of Fitness provides top-of-the-line Fitness Amenities Services that will make any property come to life while providing convenience and improving the health of your residents! Elevate your apartment today by clicking the button below.