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Mario Riveira is a 28 year old fitness entrepreneur living in the beautiful and progressive city of San Francisco.  As a child, he was active but during adolescence he became overweight. Despite playing sports in his youth, he struggled with his weight up until high school. There he excelled in wrestling and cross country.  This is where he first learned how diet and exercise truly can manipulate his body to become what he wanted it to be.

Once he began college, he became more educated in the scientific aspect of weight loss and fitness - the biomechanics of the body and mind.  He majored in psychology and counseling while ranking second place in an ABA Bodybuilding competition. Because bodybuilding wasn’t enough for his active lifestyle he also played D1 AA level rugby while attending SFSU. There he gained his true skills as an athlete, leader, and later conditioning coach.

While in college, Mario also became a certified trainer.  He became passionate about sharing his knowledge of how healthy lifestyle and fitness can help people overcome any struggles they are going through.  With a healthy lifestyle and fitness Mario overcame his struggles of being overweight, emotional hardships, and autoimmune disease. Sharing his knowledge is a big reason why he chose personal training as a career.

In 2016, Mario made the huge decision to establish the Mayor of Fitness Brand out of San Francisco, CA.  He plans to have the Mayor of Fitness become a leading training service within the San Francisco fitness market, industry, and community. 

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B.A. Psychology and Counseling (San Francisco State University)

Certified Personal Trainer - NASM

Insured Personal Trainers

Corporate Group Fitness Trainer - Launch Squad, Channel Mission Bay


Athletic Experience

D1 AA SFSU Rugby Coach

Second Place ABA Natural Body Building Competition

San Francisco Marathon 2017

Spartan & Tough Mudder Competitor 

Community Work

Sunday Streets 2015-2016, Open Truth Campaign, "Sugary drink are making us sick"

Fitness In The Park 2017, A workout class dedicated to recovery and addictions




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